Each year at the annual meeting, VMCA recognizes individuals or a group of individuals who have contributed to making the VMCA the best it can be. The Awards Committee and VMCA Executive Board are currently accepting nominations of members and peers who deserve recognition. Please send your nominations and supporting documentation via email to Awards Committee Chair Jennifer Barritt ( by January 1st.

Award Descriptions

  • R.E. Dorer Award: The highest honor award that may be given to a very elite individual that has contributed much to VMCA.
  • Honorary Membership: Award that may be given to someone that has contributed to VMCA and may be near retirement.
  • Distinguished Service Award: Awarded for exceptional service with VMCA organizational work.
  • Outstanding Service Award: Awarded for exceptional service in field work.
  • Certificate of Appreciation: Award given to a non-member that did some special service for VMCA.
  • Dr. Jorge Arias Student Competition Award:  Award given to the winner of that year’s VMCA student competition.

Past awards

Click below for a list of past award recipients.