Welcome to the Virginia Mosquito Control Association website!

The Virginia Mosquito Control Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1947 by Perry Ruth and Roland Dorer. We consist of individuals and organizations dedicated to the control of mosquitoes and public health.


The VMCA has developed an informative training video to help answer questions about Zika virus and mosquito control.

This video is designed for mosquito control personnel, both government and commercial, as well as Virginia residents who wish to be proactive about mosquito control around where they live.

Please take the time to watch and share:



Our Mission

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance. They may be a major threat to public health due to the diseases they carry. The VMCA’s mission is to advance the cause of responsible mosquito control.


The Purpose of the VMCA is to:

  • Promote environmentally sound mosquito control practices in Virginia;
  • Keep abreast of developments and methods;
  • Disseminate information and provide training to association members and other interested parties;
  • Educate the general public; and
  • Unite common interests and objectives to further professionalism in the control of mosquitoes.

Want to get involved with the organization? Contact us at virginiamosquito@gmail.com