Very large mosquito

Proboscis: long, brown, darker apically, brown setae on all aspects.

Palpi: nearly half as long as proboscis, brown, with setae on all aspects.

Head: Occiput sparsely clothed dorsally with broad flat grayish-white scales except for a narrow median bare stripe; lateral region bare except for scattered broad white scales. Tori brown, with a few small dark setae on inner surface.

Thorax: Integument of scutum shiny, dark brown to black; scutum with a narrow median stripe of narrow dark-bronze scales and black setae, a narrow submedian stripe of similar scales, and a large lateral area of broad appressed white scales on either side; a nude stripe on anterior half of the scutum between the median and submedian stripes; a broader nude area present on either side of the white-scaled prescutellar space. Scutellum with broad white scales and brown setae on the lobes. Pleura clothed with broad grayish-white scales.

Abdomen: 1st tergite with a broad median patch of white scales; remaining tergites blue-black scaled dorsally, each with white scales laterally and apically. Dark scales of tergites 2 to 5 with purple reflection, 6 with blue to green reflection, 7 with greenish-golden reflection. Venter white-scaled.

Legs: Femora yellow-scaled, speckled with dark, apical part with long dark erect or suberect scales. Tibiae clothed with yellow and purple recumbent scales, those apices dark, suberect, particularly on hind legs. Tarsi primarily dark-scaled, blended with yellow and with purplish reflection. Second segment and often 1st segment of each tarsus with narrow basal pale ring, segments 3, 4, and 5 dark.

Wings: length 6.0 to 6.5 mm. Scales narrow, dark-brown.

Bionomics: Larvae found in un-shaded or partly shaded temporary rain-filled pools and are predacious, feeding on larvae of other mosquitoes with which they are associated. Larvae occur from March to October. The adult females are persistent biters and will attack any time during the day when their haunts are invaded. Flight range is 1 to 2 miles.