Photo Courtesy of Jason Williams
Photo Courtesy of Jason Williams
Medium size mosquito

Proboscis: dark-scaled, usually paler on ventral side.

Palpi: short, dark

Head: Occiput clothed dorsally with narrow curved pale golden-brown scales and dark erect forked scales, yellowish-white along margins of the eyes, with a patch of broad dingy-white scales laterally.

Thorax: Integument of the scutum light brown to dark brown; scutum clothed with fine narrow curved golden-brown scales, paler on anterior and lateral margins and on the prescutellar space, scutellum with narrow yellowish-white to light golden scales and brown setae on the lobes. Pleura with several small patches of broad dingy-white scales.

Abdomen: 1st tergite with a median area of dark-brown scales; remaining tergites primarily dark-brown-scaled with bronze to metallic blue-green reflection, often with narrow to moderately broad basal bands of dingy-white scales contiguous with basolateral patches of pale scales; 7th and 8th tergites often entirely covered with dungy-white scales. Venter yellowish-white.

Legs: dark-scaled with bronze reflection, posterior surface of femora and tibiae pale.

Wings: length 3.5 to 4.0 mm. narrow, dark scales.

Bionomics: Larvae found in either fresh or foul water in grassy pools, ditches, ponds, occasionally in rain barrels, bilge water in boats, cattle tracks, and sometimes in stump holes. Larval development starts early in the season and continues at uniform rate during Summer and early Fall. Adults rest during the day in outbuildings and other similar shelters. Adult females overwinter in hibernation. They readily bite man outdoors. Flight range …1/4 to 5 miles.