This year, Virginia played host to the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association’s 42nd Annual Meeting
and the Virginia Mosquito Control Association’s 70th Annual Meeting. In beautiful Newport News, VA,
the two organizations met from January 31st-February 2nd, 2017 for a combined annual meeting. A
near-record attendance of 160+ attendees were on site to hear presentations from all 9 member states
of MAMCA on topics ranging from swimming pool regulations, rabies, insecticide resistance,
beekeeping response, and of course ZIKA. This year also showed a renewed interest from sustaining
members, as there were a total of 15 members signed up and 9 exhibiting.
There was a new addition to the meeting as the VMCA Student Competition was created. There was a
silent auction as well as a 50-50 raffle which all proceeds assist the future endeavors of the student
competition committee. This year’s winner was Alexis White with her presentation: “TickBot Efficacy in
Residential and Wildlife Habitats in Porstmouth, VA.” Ms. White was awarded a prize of $500.00 and the
inaugural Dr. Jorge Arias Award. More on the student competition on page 11.
With the two organizations combining for the meeting, there were a number of awards given. The
VMCA honored Doug Hill, a longtime sustaining member, with the Distinguished Service Award, along
with congratulations on his upcoming retirement. Tim DuBois was also awarded the Distinguished
Service Award for his ongoing support within the organization. For more details, see the following page.
MAMCA also handed out two awards; Andy Kyle, the current and long-standing secretary treasurer was
awarded the Outstanding Services Award for his dedication to the organization. Dennis Salmen, the
current and longstanding newsletter editor, was awarded the prestigious R.E. Dorer Award for his continued
support over many years post-retirement. All award winners are thanked for their years of service for
both organizations.

Distinguished Service Award: Doug Hill
Working with Nikon/Morrell, Doug Hill has been an active VMCA
Sustaining Member for over a decade. During this time, Doug has
stayed involved in both VMCA and TMVCC by providing his help
whenever needed.
He is always willing to contribute equipment to VMCA’s
identification courses, sponsorship to TMVCC’s monthly meetings,
and even donations to the VMCA hospitality room. He is always
a pleasure to talk to and staple to our organization. We wish him
well in his retirement and hope he knows he will be missed.
I have one last question for you Doug, “how many Lincoln’s are
on a penny?”

Distinguished Service Award: Tim DuBois
Tim DuBois has put forth an abundant amount of effort towards
the VMCA over the years with great enthusiasm and
commitment. He is one of the first to volunteer for new
projects and to fill the responsibilities of vacant positions.
In the late 2000’s, he took on the 3-year position of TRAST
coordinator and TMVCC executive board. In 2010, he stepped
up to become MAMCA representative for the VMCA executive
board and devoted 5 years to the position. He has participated
in various areas of the VMCA organization and has helped as
much as possible. Presently, and for the past several years, he is
chair to the Historian and Local Arrangements committees while
actively participating as a member in the Education, Meeting
Agenda, Merchandise, and Information committees. As 2016
Vice President of MAMCA and active member of VMCA, he took
on a bulk of the responsibilities for the 2017 joint meeting and
made sure everything was accounted for.
Tim DuBois has played an important role in the VMCA family for a
long time now and I would like to thank him for all his






70th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Mosquito Control Association

January 31- February 2, 2017

Newport News Marriott at City Center

Newport News, Virginia