VMCA’s 69th annual meeting took place January 26th-28th in the Renaissance Portsmouth-Norfolk Waterfront Hotel. This was a great meeting at a fantastic location. At the 2016 annual meeting there were 52 surveys collected. The surveys revealed high scores and positive feedback. Out of 52 surveys, 23 people rated the meeting as excellent, 26 people rated the meeting as good, and 3 people rated the meeting as average. There were a few changes this year such as starting the meeting in the afternoon on the first day as well as changing the days of week of the meeting. Over half of the members enjoyed having the meeting Tuesday-Thursday, starting in the afternoon on the first day. There were some interesting topics presented this year. For instance: mosquitoes protect themselves from iron overload after blood feeding, Zika virus, Aedes aegypti control methods, and larval control in vacuum sewers in Yorktown, just to name a few.  We appreciate all of your comments and suggestions and will keep them under consideration to make next year’s meeting even better. Thank you to everyone that participated, and we look forward to seeing you all next year.


Passing the torch of VMCA presidency. At the end of the 2016 VMCA annual meeting, Jay Kiser (on the left) received the presidential plaque from the new 2016 VMCA president Joshua Smith (on the right) while passing him the ceremonial presidential gavel.  


Distinguished Service Award:

Penelope Smelser
After being hired by the Norfolk Health Department in 2004, Penelope immediately served as TRAST Coordinator from 2004-2006. In 2011, the VMCA Secretary-Treasurer position was vacated and Penelope graciously offered to fill the position in the interim. After being formally elected in 2012 as Secretary-Treasurer of the VMCA, Penelope worked very hard to not only fulfill the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer, but go above and beyond learning the logistics and responsibilities of this financial system. This was accomplished when no guidelines were
given, showing this level of commitment and responsibility in a volunteer position cannot be overstated! Penelope’s duties include all financial coordination, handling of membership and annual dues, purchasing of speaker gifts, and the overall organization of the VMCA’s business affairs. Penelope also recently volunteered to be the Chair of the Website Committee, and upgraded the organization’s website with a new look. While the job is not flashy, the position of Secretary-Treasurer is crucial to the success of the VMCA, and Penelope has exceeded at all


R.E. Dorer Award:

Kirby Foley
Mr. Kirby has served the VMCA in many capacities over the years, and was instrumental in the upkeep of the VMCA web page during the early days of this site. Perhaps one of Mr. Foley’s largest contributions to VMCA is his ongoing contribution to the education and recertification
of VMCA members. Mr. Foley has been a main presenter at VMCA sponsored re-certification classes for over a decade. He presents topics that are tedious in nature that others do not want to present, and presents his material thoroughly and concisely.
He is a great asset to the VMCA, and we hope this award shows the Association’s appreciation for his time and effort.