infirmatusMedium size mosquito

Proboscis: Dark scaled

Palpi: Short and dark.

Head: Median area of occiput with white lanceolate scales bounded on either side by a large patch of broad brownish-yellow scales surrounding a dark-scaled patch, with broad appressed dingy-yellow scales laterally; erect forked scales on central part of occiput pale. Tori yellow, darker on inner surface.

Thorax: Integument of scutum dark brown; scutum with broad silver-white to pale yellow median stripe extending posteriorly to a little beyond the middle; a small area of pale scales on the prescutellar space; remainder of scutum with fine dark bronze-brown scales. Posterior pronotum with narrow dark-brown scales on the dorsal half. Scutellum with dark bronze-brown scales and dark-brown setae on the lobes. (a few white scales on middle lobe.) Pleura with small dense pathes of broad flat grayish-white scales. Scales on sternopleuron reaching about halfway to anterior angle, separate from patch on prealar area. Lower half of mesepimeron base.

Abdomen: Tergites dark-scaled, with conspicuous basal triangular patches of white scales laterally. Venter white-scaled, occasionally speckled with a few dark scales.

Legs: Femora dark-scaled, posterior surface of front and middle femora pale, all aspects of hind femora pale on basal two-thirds. Tibiae and tarsi dark.

Wing: Scales narrow, dark. Length 3.3 to 3.8 mm

Bionomics: The larvae develop from early spring to late fall in temporary rain pools. The flight range is 1/4 to 1 mile. They are persistent biters attacking during the day in or near wooded areas.

Distribution: Southeastern United States, west to Texas.