Photo Courtesty of Ary Farajollahi, Rutgers University

Photo Courtesty of Ary Farajollahi, Rutgers University

Medium size mosquito

Proboscis: dark

Palpi: dark scaled.

Thorax: Dark scutum with lyre-shaped yellow or golden markings…having a yellow median longitudinal line down center and full length…also 2 more median yellow stripes running about halfway of scutum from anterior end. The lateral sides have broad patches of silver-white scales.

Abdomen: Silver-white scales form basal banding on dorsal side…silver-white spots on lateral sides.

Legs: Dark with silver-white knee spots and basal rings on tarsi…hind femur pale on dorsal side and anterior end…hind legs only have banding on 1 – 3 tarsi.

Bionomics: Temperate zone species…It is expected to spread South to Florida and North to Canada. Larvae are large, cream color, with dark brown to black heads. They are found in rock pools, tree holes and containers. They overwinter in the larval stage and could be among first larvae collected in Spring. The adults are active during the day and will bite man. They are attracted to carbon dioxide. Flight range …up to 600′.

Disease: Vector of West Nile Virus.