Photo Courtesy of Jason Williams

Photo Courtesy of Jason Williams

Small size mosquito

Proboscis: long, dark-scaled, slightly swollen at tip.

Palpi: very short, dark

Head: Occiput with narrow curved light-golden to brown scales and dark erect forked scales dorsally; anterodorsal and lateral regions with broad appressed scales, the anterodorsal ones predominantly brown with bronze or metallic blue-green reflection, the lateral ones mostly mostly dingy white.

Thorax: Integument of scutum dark brown; scutum clothed with narrow curved golden-brown scales. scutellum with narrow golden scales and brown setae on the lobes. Pleura with small patches of dingy-white scales.

Abdomen: Tergites dark-brown-scaled, usually with bronze to metallic blue-green reflection; narrow white basal bands usually present, sometimes absent; white basolateral patches present. sternites each white banded basally, dark apically.

Legs: legs dark-scaled with bronze to metallic blue-green reflection, except for pale posterior surfaces of femora and small pale knee spots.

Wings: length 2.5 to 3.0 mm. scales all dark. plume scales narrow, squane scales broader.

Bionomics: Larvae found in grassy shallow margins of ponds, lakes, marshes, and streams. Easily found May to October. Adults are occasionally seen in large numbers and can be troublesome biters. They may attack man at night in outdoor situations but they seem to prefer the blood of fowl. Flight range is short, only up to 1/4 mile.