Photo Courtesy of Jason Williams

Photo Courtesy of Jason Williams

Proboscis: dark scaled

Thorax: Scutum brown with some gold-brown scales…pronotum with gold-brown scales…scutellum with gold scales…pleura with small broad flat grayish-white scales.

Legs: Femora and Tibia are dark, pale on posterior surface, knees pale …tarsi dark with narrow white basal rings.

Abdomen: Segments 2 to 6 are dark scaled each with indented (V notched ) basal white band and basolateral white patches…white scales present on apical margins of the last three tergites.

Wing: Length 3.5 to 4.0 mm with dark narrow scales.

Bionomics: Larvae found in temporary rain filled pools and pools formed by floodwater …Adults emerge May to October …Overwinters as an egg. Multiple broods …troublesome biter in shade during day and very persistent after dark …flight range is 1 to 5 miles. They can be vector of EEE and WNV.