The 2014 Annual Meeting was held at the Hilton Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, February 12-14, 2014.

The meeting hosted 111 attendees.

Honorary Memberships were awarded to:

  • Kirby Foley (Chesapeake Mosquito Control Commission)
  • Phillip Meekins (City of Virginia Beach Mosquito Control)
  • Gene Payne (Chesapeake Mosquito Control Commission)
  • Dreda Symonds (City of Virginia Beach Mosquito Control)
  • Dr. Jorge Arias (Fairfax County Health Department)

Ann Herring was presented the Outstanding service award for her exceptional support and dedication to the organization.

Charlie Pate of Central Life Sciences was awarded the Distinguished Service award for his many years of service to the mosquito control jurisdictions in the state of Virginia.

The R.E. Dorer award was presented to Dr. Jorge Arias for his accomplishments in protecting human health against mosquito borne illness both in Virginia and around the world.

The 2014 Annual Meeting Agenda


Meeting Presentations: