Click here for the larval chaetotaxy diagram

(courtesy of Dr. George Schultz, AFPMB & Dr. Rick Wilkerson and staff, WRBU)

Key characteristics:

-siphon without obvious setae other than 1-S and 2-S

-saddle incomplete, not encircling segment X

-siphon pecten spines evenly spaced

-antennal seta 1-A single and very small

-segment VIII comb scales in neat curved single row

-comb scale median spine no more than 2-2.5 times length of strong submedian spines

-preantennal seta 7-C single

-lateral support plates on meso and metathorax with large curved spines

Aedes aegypti larva FMEL

Aedes aegypti larva thorax FMEL
Aedes aegypti larva comb scales FMEL

photographs from FMEL




Key characteristics:

-proboscis dark scaled

-scales on lobes of scutellum short, broad, and silver

-palpi with white scales apically

-hindtarsomeres 1-4 with broad basal white bands, 5 entirely pale or pale dorsally

-scutum with lyre-shaped silver stripes and narrow submedian longitudinal white stripes

-clypeus with silver scales

-midfemur with anterior longitudinal white stripe

Aedes aegypti WRBUAedes aegypti scutum WRBU









Aedes aegypti head WRBU


Aedes aegypti midleg WRBU







above photographs from WRBU


Aedes aegypti clypeus FMEL







photograph from FMEL