2020 Executive Board Candidates

First Vice President Candidate #1: Luz Grant


My name is Luz Grant I am the singular administration personnel for City of Norfolk Vector Control Division in Norfolk, VA since 2014. I consider myself a highly organized individual who will excel in the position of 1st Vice President. Since starting in 2014 I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge in the mosquito world. My education also helps me in this position. My Education is as follows: I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management, Associate of Arts in Accounting. I have volunteered on several committees in the VMCA since 2015. I have been the key person for hosting the TMVCC Oyster roast in Norfolk since 2016.

First Vice President Candidate #2: Elizabeth "Betsy" Hodson


Elizabeth “Betsy” Hodson, hired as York County Mosquito Control Biologist 2012, is the Operations Superintendent. She is a graduate of Christopher Newport University and holds a BA in Biology . She taught in the public school system as well as at the Virginia Living Museum, and served on the board of the Tidewater Mosquito Vector Control Council.  She is the State Director of Virginia for the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association.  Elizabeth is a certified Master Oyster Gardner and Virginia Master Naturalist.  She is a licensed Commercial and Public Health Pesticide Applicator. She is also Virginia state certified as a Stormwater Inspector.

Industry Representative Candidate: Kurt Vandock


Kurt Vandock worked his way into pest management from a completely different field, the United States Armed Forces. After his commission in the US Army, he served as an Army Entomologist. That’s where he was exposed to vector control, where’s he’s been ever since. Kurt’s passion for public health powers his work as Head of Community Health for Bayer. 

Secretary/Treasurer Re-election Candidate: Jay Kiser


Jay Kiser has been member of VMCA and a student of mosquito biology for over 10 years. He started his path at George Mason University and Old Dominion University where he received a Bachelors and Masters Degree (respectively) in biology. In 2007, he started his mosquito career as a biology intern for the City of Chesapeake Mosquito Control Commission, and since January 2008, he has been a biologist for the City of Suffolk Mosquito Control. During this time, he has remained active in local and state mosquito control associations: Coordinator for Tidewater Regional Arboviral Surveillance Team (TRAST) from 2011 to 2013, on the board of Tidewater Mosquito and Vector Control Council (TMVCC) from 2011 to 2013, and on the executive board of Virginia Mosquito Control Association (VMCA) from 2012 to 2016. As a VMCA member, he has contributed numerous presentations during the annual meetings, participated in several committees, and helped created VMCA’s first student competition.

President: Andy Lima


Andy Lima, M.S. Entomology
Fairfax County Health Department
Disease-Carrying Insects Program
Environmental Health Specialist III
Mosquito/Tick specialist 

  • Collecting and curating insects for 20 years
  • B.S. of Environmental Management, Indiana University, 2004
  • M.S. of Entomology, University of Florida, 2012
  • Laboratory Supervisor, Clarke, 2004 – 2013
  • Environmental Health Specialist III, Fairfax County Health Department Disease Carrying Insects Program, 2014 – present
  • Specializes in the use of music, photography, and videography to convey public health messages
  • Hip Hop alter ego known as MC Bugg-Z, premier entomologist rapper on the planet

Entomologically makin’ impressions on this profession
Insects immortalized in my collection like resurrection
You’d never guess it but I’m utilizin’ chemical weapons
For the control of all these mo-squi-toes
Call it Culicid suppression and please don’t question
My professional direction it’s a six-legged obsession

President Elect: Tim DuBois


Tim DuBois is the Biologist for the Environmental Services Division in Hampton, VA.  He started his career in mosquito control as a seasonal worker for Suffolk Mosquito Control in 2001 while looking to finish his Associates in Biology from Paul D. Camp Community College.  In Suffolk, he assisted with larviciding and adulticiding efforts, while learning surveillance techniques and identification whenever available.  After two years in Suffolk, he landed a full time job working for Norfolk Vector Control as a technician, and eventually moved into the assistant biologist job where he translated his years of experience in the field to the lab.  In 2006, Newport News Vector Control offered him a position with the intent to build a full surveillance program that included testing in-house for vector-borne diseases.  Having a chance to build a surveillance program, he immersed himself in his work both for the city and in the Hampton Roads area becoming TRAST Coordinator from 2006-2010 and on the TMVCC Board from 2009-2010.  After three years of experience in the program, he was offered the Biologist position where he currently works, Hampton Environmental Services.
In 2010, Tim joined the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association as the state representative for Virginia for two terms.  He was then elected to serve on the MAMCA Executive Board and is currently President-Elect.  He has also served as the MAMCA representative on the VMCA Executive Board and is on multiple committee’s including Education, Photography, Merchandise, Newsletter, and is the Historian.
When he is not working, Tim enjoys all things beer, MMA, gaming, and dabbling into making his own podcast.  He also enjoys hanging out with his wife, Jessica, and their three cats, Jynx, Dakota, and Oswald.

Vice President: Wes Robertson


Wes Robertson is a medical entomologist who works as a Senior Environmental Inspector/ Medical Entomologist with the Henrico County Standing Water Initiative (SWI). Wes joined the Henrico County Department of Public Works SWI team in 2013. He works to actively identify, monitor, test, and analyze mosquito species. He also works as a public and private educator on pathogen transmission, insect identification, and IPM best practices. He advises and aids the local cooperative extension office, health department, and Henrico County Schools on insect identification and control methodologies. In 2016 Wes was integral in developing and implementing the Henrico County Zika Working Group and Task Force. His dedication, as the Henrico County Zika Mosquito Task Force Manager, resulted in his reception of the 2017 NaCo and VaCo Achievement Awards and the establishment of the Henrico County Arboviral Working Group. He is also a regular contributor to various academic and general publications. His professional experiences include working as a volunteer instructor/trainer for the Virginia Master Naturalist Training Certification Program, the Governor’s School for Medicine and the Health Sciences, and the Henrico, Hanover, and Chickahominy Health Districts. Wes also has experience as an Avian Point-Count Technician, Biological Community Coordinator, and Entomology Field and Laboratory Technician. Wes started studying mosquitoes while working with Dr. Kevin Caillouett and Dr. Lesley Bulluck on vector contact rates on Eastern Bluebird nestlings. As an undergraduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University, Wes received an honors degree for his contributions, research, and publications on West Nile Virus transmission in Henrico County and the effects of avian predation on mosquito driven West Nile Virus transmission. Wes’ passion for insects and education deepened during his time as a graduate student at the University of Florida where he received a certification in medical entomology from the University of Florida’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in 2015 and a master’s degree in medical and veterinary entomology in 2017. He regularly speaks to various interest groups, clubs, associations, and conference audiences about mosquitoes, pathogens, and other arthropod/insect related topics. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, teaching classes, reading, world war II model diorama building, collecting insects, playing chess, and watching sports.

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