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2018-2019 Student Poster Competition in

Vector Borne Sciences

Virginia Mosquito Control Association is holding our third annual student poster competition during the 72nd VMCA conference held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, February 5-7, 2019.


$500 will be awarded to the first place poster

Free registration to the 2019 VMCA annual meeting will be awarded to the top 5 posters


All poster submissions should be submitted by email no later than 11:59PM on 11/27/2018.


Poster submissions should follow the guidelines set forth in the 2018-2019 Guidelines for Student Poster Competition

Submission emails should include a PDF version of the poster (PDF file should be set to size/dimensions specified for printing) along with the 2018-2019 Submission Form fully filled out.

Submissions should be emailed to

Poster Evaluations:

Judges will grade posters based on the sections set forth in the 2018-2019 Judge’s Evaluation Form