Dr. Janet McAllister of the CDC came to Suffolk, Virginia on January 26, 2018 to teach a workshop on the bottle bioassay method for determining pesticide resistance in local mosquito populations. Several jurisdictions were present for the training including Chesapeake, Fairfax County, Hampton, Henrico County, Langley Air Force Base, Newport News, Norfolk, Prince William County, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and York County. Please read the article in the 2018 WinterSpring edition of The Skeeter for a summary of the workshop. The following are some important documents related to the training for anyone interested in conducting this testing within their jurisdiction.

Mcallister Virginia 2018 bottle bioassay workshop presentation

Bottle data sheet

Active Ingredient Price and Purchase List

Bottle Bioassay Equipment-Consumables

CONUS Guideline for Evaluating Insecticide Resistance in Vectors


Brogdon & McAllister- Simplification of adult mosquito bioassays through use of time-mortality determinations in glass bottles

Hemingway, Field, and Vontas- An overview of insect resistance

Hemingway and Ranson- Insecticide resistance in insect vectors of human disease

Kauffman et al.- Rearing of Culex spp. and Aedes spp. mosquitoes

Li, Schuler, and Berenbaum- Molecular mechanisms of metabolic resistance to synthetic and natural xenobiotics

McAllister & Brogdon- The bottle bioassay for measuring resistance