2019 updated committees coming soon! If you would like to be on a committee for 2019, please contact VMCA President LaToya White.



Chair(s) Members Projects
Annual Meeting    (Local Arrangements) Tim DuBois Luz Grant, Ann Herring, Lisa Wagenbrenner, Charles Abadam Decides location of future meetings
Annual Meeting (Program/Agenda) LaToya White Mitch Burcham, Jay Kiser Organize annual meeting program
Annual Meeting (Vendor Planning) Ted Bean George Wojcik Vendor correspondence/setup
Audit Mitch Burcham Penelope Smelser, Chris DeHart Annual audit of financial record
Bylaws Jay Kiser Luz Grant, Charles Abadam Bylaw revision/maintenance
Education Karen Akaratovic   Lisa Wagenbrenner Ann Herring, Jennifer Barritt, Wes Robertson, Jay Kiser Recertification, Adult ID Course, Larval ID Course
Elections George Wojcik Penelope Smelser Sets up online voting, sends out voter information, counts votes, announces winners during annual business meeting
Historian Tim DuBois John Orr Historical archives
Hospitality Room Ann Herring Luz Grant Annual meeting hospitality room
Information Rachel Kempf Karen Akaratovic Eli Hosen, Janice Gardner, Wes Robertson, Charles Abadam, Tim DuBois The Skeeter, Facebook, Instagram
Legislative Randy Buchanan


Membership Jay Kiser Ann Herring Keeps updated list of membership
Merchandise Tim DuBois Lisa Wagenbrenner, Ann Herring, Penelope Smelser, Rachel Kempf, Karen Akaratovic Coordinating sales merchandise for annual meeting
Nominating Jeff Hottenstein Finds candidates for election, prepares/gathers profiles of nominees for ballots
Photography Janice Gardner Rachel Kempf Takes photos of VMCA-related events for website, The Skeeter, Facebook, and Instagram
Public Relations Ann Herring Mosquito Awareness Week/Outreach &Education
Special Awards Jennifer Barritt Annual meeting awards- R.E. Dorer, Outstanding Service
Student Competition Jay Kiser Ann Herring, Ashley Byers, John Orr, Wes Robertson, Karen Akaratovic, Charles Abadam, Francis Valera, Dennis Salmen Organizes a student research/poster project competition with an award to be given at the annual meeting, raises funds for award
Technical Support Charles Abadam Eli Hosen Maintains/advises on VMCA hardware/software; operates computer/projector during annual meeting
Website Penelope Smelser Charles Abadam, Karen Akaratovic Maintains/revises website

Committees are what keep our organization running so smoothly. We would love to have you on board!

Interested in being on a committee? Thought you were on one but don’t see your name on the list? …Or see your name where it shouldn’t be?

Please contact the chairperson for a specific committee of interest, or fill out the form below and someone from the VMCA will contact you.

For more detailed information on each committee’s responsibilities, please see the VMCA book of guidelines here.