Dennis Salmen has been our Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for the AMCA for the past two 3 year terms, his current term ends in the fall of this year.   Unfortunately Dennis is not eligible to serve a third term.    As part of his role as RD he has to provide at least two names to the nominating committee.   This position represents the entire Mid-Atlantic Region of the AMCA (Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia).   The new director will serve as a link between the AMCA board and Regional members.  They will be expected to attend annual state meetings within their region as well as AMCA board meetings and annual meetings.  The full list of Regional Director Duties and Responsibilities are listed in the attachment.


This is an elected position with the AMCA and the nomination committee is actively recruiting for candidates.


If you are interested in serving as the RD please contact George Wojcik at 757-393-8666 or email